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Monday, February 27, 2017

2016's Best By Month

Why I Literally Can't Even Turns out my girlfriend has cancer.
Through: The Only Way Out  For some of us, troubled times are when we write harder.
It's Later Than You Think There's one thing you won't always have more of: tomorrows.

Your Novel is Boring (Here’s Why and How to Fix It) By Bethany Brengan Our best this month from a guest blogger. Congrats Bethany!!
How Do I Write a First Sentence? (Mailbox) Starting can be tough.
One Last Generous Donation Thank you letter writer failure.

Once More Unto The Brink (Personal Update) Personal update of ongoing horrors.
But It's Just WORDS It's not just words. And writers should know better.
Why is Old Time Writing so Pompous?

The Top 5 Mistakes Made by Self-Published Authors (Bethany Brengan) Non-traditional publishing opens a lot of doors, but don't fall into these common pitfalls.
The Dirt Under All Our Fingernails (Artists and Money) It turns out that disdaining money because art is pure is a pretty classist position.
Tumors and Teammates Big changes in this short personal update.

Yes, I Make Money. But That's Not Why I Do It. (Personal Update) Money is nice, but I'd write without it.....just not as much.
How To Be A Writer By Kaitlyn S. C. Hatch I got a lot of help from awesome guest bloggers this year.
Plans. And Other Destroyable Things (Personal Update) Yet another post about things falling apart.

How Many Books (Mailbox) How many do I have to read until I'm allowed to write a book.
Filler Splat (Personal Update) Not sure why my personal update posts about why I didn't do a better entry did so well this year. Everyone loves a train wreck, I guess.
Writing for Income The ins and outs of trying to get paid to cobble words together.

Kickstarter Results and Final Thoughts (Personal Update) I ran a Kickstarter. It did pretty well.
Why I Write by M J Zander
Sabbati Terminus Manibus Jazzicus (Personicus Updaticus) I actually am finally getting to some of this.

Move 2.0–Working Through the Bumps (Personal Update) Remember that time I realized I was going to move again?
Ideal vs. Possible: Writing in Imperfect Circumstances It will never be perfect. Keep writing
Bass Ackwards (Personal Update) Remember that time I moved again?

Honorable mention: Earn it! (Revision) A redux of an old post.

On a Slow Week Remember how much writing it is when I'm falling "behind."
Novel Update Word Count Zero Getting started.
Novel Update Word Count- 4612 (Personal Update) First major update.

Illness and Internet (13,165/Personal Update) This would be the start of literally months of allergies that led to bronchitis.
Just Relax and Watch It Why I never just "enjoy" what I'm enjoying.
Individual Writing Process (Scott "Jinx" Jenkins)

Honorable Mention: Nanowrimo: The Good, The Bad, And the Very Very Ugly (Revision) A revision of a past article.

Writing for Your Life (Marcy Kirkton) My mom actually helped me get through the bronchitis without having to put the blog on hiatus.
A Somber Note The election hurt many of us artsy types. A lot.
Writer’s Block? How to Kick Those Finger-stalling Demons in the Nads and Start Writing in 5 Easy Steps! (Arielle K Harris) I have nothing useful to add to this awesome title.

How Many Would it Take (The Story You've Been Told) How many people hating you openly because of who you were would it take to make your life worse.
That Feminist Crap This did well (again) when I moved it back to Writing About Writing from the other blog I shut down.
Major Housekeeping (And The Reason Why) This is WHY I posted so many social justice posts in December.

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