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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

2016's Top Ten

Sorry to hit you with two of these today (and a reminder to vote later on), but the one from 2015 is literally a year overdue, and I usually have the old year's bests up by the end of January. Part of getting back on the rails with all the writing I need to be doing is catching up on all these menus.

However, I
will be waiting to do the 2016 by month until this weekend.

2016's Top Ten

On "Crappy" Social Justice Teachers Are they though? Are they really?

Trust the Police? Who is dying to protect whom?

Four Things Your Editor May Not Tell You (But You Should Know) By Bethany Brengan I'm honored to have a guest post make it to the year's top ten. And it's a great article about how to work with editors.

Six Ways to Not Actually Write Want to never actually get around to putting words on the page? Here's how.

Privilege of Daily Writing and the Ableism of Prescribing It  Part 2 As good as the advice to write every day can be, not everyone can do so.

10 Reasons to Write Daily–Accentuate The Positive Instead of telling you what ills will befall you if you don't....

Where to Submit Your Short Pieces and (Hopefully, Eventually) Get Published (Bethany Brengan) Bethany got two of this year's best. And earned them both! Here's another one out of the park about what to do once you've finished the last round of polish on that really great short story.

SJB on Guns and Mental Illness and the Stories We Tell Our concern over mental illness becomes particularly keen when we're trying to avoid having other conversations.

Three Stories from the Train I took a train from Okaland to Denver late in the summer of 2015. Here are three stories from that trip and why I almost spent the night in Salt Lake City.

Don't Make it so Damned Hard Writing every day doesn't have to mean six hours religiously on your work in progress. Not everything has to be like crawling over glass.

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