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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Worst Page Turner (Results- Quarterfinals 1)

Just a quickie here to post the results of our second quarterfinal for the Worst Book You Couldn't Put Down poll.

The "top" four titles will go on to our semifinal round. While I was personally shocked to see Catcher in the Rye do so well (I can understand people not liking it or not being able to put it down, but not both), I admit to being relieved that it missed the cut off.

Stay tuned!  The third quarterfinal will be going up just a little later today.
Results in text form below

50 Shades of Grey-E.L. James 72 41.86%
The Fault in Our Stars-J. Green 37 21.51%
Sookie Stackhouse Series- C. Harris 22 12.79%
Gone Girl-G Flynn 16 9.3%

Catcher in the Rye J.Salinger 10 5.81%
American Psycho-B.E. Ellis 8 4.65%
Stranger in a Strange Land-R. Heinlein 7 4.07%


  1. I have missed this boat entirely. Did 'Seveneves' get an entry?

  2. Oh please. The DaVinci Code. The fact that it used Leonardo's improper name was sign enough, and the antagonist was shockingly obvious. And then that tortured prose. I could have walked away at any time. Just wanted to see what all the fuss was about and was shocked at how simply awful it was.

  3. Yeah. I'm out. If the Brown's work is out of the finalists' list, I'm guessing many haven't read "The DaVinci Code" —lucky souls!

  4. The davinci code is easily the worst book I couldn't put down. Soooooooooo bad, but damn those two page chapters made it go by quickly!

  5. Those damned ridiculously short chapters were exactly what I hated most about The DaVinci Code. And I was offended when the book was made into a movie, just on principle of rewarding bad prose.