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Friday, August 11, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (Round 2)

What is the best fantasy written in the last 15 years?  

Remember, we're just narrowing down the field here. This isn't the whole poll. This isn't even the quarterfinal round yet. We just need to cull a few titles off the lists. So if you don't see someone you're sure should be on here, they're probably in another part of the poll. Keep checking back and they'll turn up.

There have SO many nominations for Best Modern Fantasy that we are going to have to do a round before quarter finals.  So in order for this not to drag on for months, I'll be running these early rounds for only THREE DAYS EACH.

This post will be it for today since yesterday's post not only took about six hours to write, but then about five hours of comment moderation to keep from getting trolled by people who thought the post was a paint by numbers instruction manual or a place for performative satire. Hopefully tomorrow

Me: Wouldn't it be a great example of irony if a bunch of SQiD's showed up on my post and did exactly what the article described.

The Internet's Millions:

Back to the poll: there is no way to "rank" votes, so use as few as you can bare.

The poll itself is at the bottom left, under the "About The Author." 

Note: If you see a title that is "breaking the rules" (older than 15 years) please let me know. I did not have time to cross check all of them. We have already had a series (Harry Potter) get disqualified.

Don't choose poorly.


  1. A Song of Ice and Fire started over 20 years ago, does that count cause he's not finished?

    1. Is it that old???? It may be disqualified then.

    2. I spoke too soon. My cut off was 25 years, not 15, so it'll still be on there.

  2. So... What are we supposed to do?

    1. Bottom left poll. Pick between one and three titles you'd like to see go on to the next round.

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