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Friday, August 4, 2017

Coming Soon

The next few days I'm going to do an admin weekend to dig out my inbox of your guest posts and mailbox questions in anticipation of the "some serious shit" that you are totally about to see* when this blog reaches eighty eight miles per hour.

*If my calculations are correct.

Thus, the only thing going up before Monday is (tomorrow) the long awaited first quarterfinal of our best modern fantasy poll. Even though that list looks a little bit like it might include every single modern fantasy book written in the last fifteen years.

So this is your last chance to get in on any nominations or seconds before that poll goes live. I stare without mercy at the comments after the poll has begun that say "This poll doesn't have [X] title on it, and I am horrified by the glaring omission of what is clearly the best of this category." Such pleas do not move me. For I am stone.

But here's what else you can start looking forward to as I catch up, get ahead, and the new schedule starts really kicking in:

  • A fully updated update schedule. (No more Wednesdays off. And probably no more major posts on the weekends. Because a lot of that was just about how tired I was by Tuesday night....)
  • The return of the "brunch post." There's no WAY I'm going to get through all this backlog of "best of" posts, plot posts, and business-ish posts, all while running a poll that went into quarter finals and also post new content without occasionally posting twice a day.
  • Series posts. (Through sick loved ones, terrible breakups, moving out, overwhelming schedules, and toddlers, I've never forgotten my unfinished Skyrim post or my other half completed series.
  • Vlogging! (I meant to do one during summer school, but they really do take almost as much energy as a written entry, and there just wasn't time for it.) I've got this one about hearing the wrong part of the story.....
  • Product Reviews! There are a lot of newer books about writing I'll have to pick up to review, but I still have dozens on my shelf as well. Look for Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott in August. And I'm open to suggestions for September.
  • A higher ratio of content-heavy posts. Or less jazz hands--depending on how you look at it.
  • A four-years-in-the-making resolution to the events of Season 2. 
  • Return of the Revision. Once upon a time I was able to revise one of my older posts each week. It might have to be every OTHER week (rotating out with another kind of post) but it will be back.
  • Guest Bloggers (of the not "really real" kind)
  • Social Justice Bard. I've been holding back.
  • MOAR MAILBOXES  Not only are we going to get back into the weekly habit of answering mailboxes, I'm going to try to do two every week. Cause I'm that masochistic.
  • Craft. Given the blog's name, I should probably do some writing about writing at some point. Maybe.
  • Fiction Not only am I working on my book, but occasionally I twiddle out something shorter that'll end up here. Very time intensive stuff though and it needs a lot of revision before it's ready.
  • And of course for the generous folks on my Patreon who are helping to keep me writing, I'm going to get back to the early access posts.

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