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Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (Round Three)

I'm back!

I have internet! And best of all I have it without having a sixteen hour schedule of pet care that involves four hours of driving each day. (It's really the little things.)

I do have some running around to do today, in service to the eldritch gods with whom I've made a pact about finishing my novel before it's even later than late, but nothing like these last few days. Here are the results of the latest Modern Fantasy round. The top four will move on and the bottom four are culled.

And if you'll forgive me a personal quick, single tear for A Dirty Job:  "You were up against giants, my friend. But it doesn't make you not good."

The next round of this poll will go up tomorrow...along with one of these half-dozen posts I've got mostly drafted.

Text version below
The Dresden Files- J. Butcher 84 36.52%
The Kingkiller Chronicle- P. Rothfuss 47 20.43%
Mistborne- B. Sanderson 44 19.13%
The Magicians- L. Grossman 22 9.57%
The First Law Trilogy- J. Abercrombie 20 8.7%
Hounded- K. Hearne 7 3.04%
A Dirty Job- C. Moore 5 2.17%
 Dawn of Wonder: The Wakening- J. Renshaw 1 0.43%

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