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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Admin Heavy Week

I'm about to have one of those weeks that I warn everyone about in my schedule sometimes happen when part of your world involves a three-year old. Life has brought the busy, and I'm about to jump at it in slow motion so we meet in the mid air, punching each other, as Led Zepplin's Immigrant Song blows everyone's ear drums.


I'm going to do my very best to bring you both quality and quantity this week. I have articles in my head as new as Thor:Ragnarok literary analyses, and going all the way back to internet outage I suffered this summer. (Well, technically a few are even older than that.) And I'll be typing like some piping to try and get to you as much good stuff as I can.

However the conjunction of ├╝berbusy and super-behindness on admin/clean-up type posts (like menu clean-ups) that have been cannibalized by all the early rounds of the Best Modern Fantasy Poll reveal a clear solution.

Manus Jazzicus. Administraticus.

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