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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

A Quick Reminder From Evil Chris

Hello everyone,

For the next thirty days I'll be your emcee here at Writing About Writing. I'll be posting your polls, running The Mailbox, possibly busting out a potpourri, finding you articles (even writing a few), and just generally running the show.

But I do have something to say....

Chris–that's the "good" Chris–may have his fucked up, prescriptive, pretentious, elitist, bullshit issues with Nanowrimo, but at least he knows when to shut his clap trap and let me take over. It's no secret we get along better than we probably should. When we steer clear of talking about Nano for a few days, we often end up at this brunch place where they have French toast with bananas on it and bacon on the side that is really good, and we just shoot the shit for hours.

But you know, there have been some rooftop battles too. He's my Magneto that way. It's hard to have a nemesis that you get along with so well, and Chris has like five other nemeses anyway, so I sometimes have to wait my turn.

However I will tell you there is one thing we agree on completely:

This blog wouldn't be here if it weren't for our Patrons. We are completely free. We don't even host ads. And this is a tremendous amount of intellectual labor that we give to the world. Our patrons are the only reason we aren't slogging to a day job, coming home exhausted, and writing one or two posts a week–usually jazz hands.

Please consider being a part of Writing About Writing's support structure by BECOMING A PATRON!

We need your help if we're going to stay at our current operating level, and especially if we're going to increase the number of posts and "meaty posts" we put up each week. As little as a dollar a month will help keep us going.

There are rewards to being a patron–everything from getting in on backchannel conversations to having a character named after you or private tutoring and editing. And the more support you can give us, the more we will try to thank you in our own way. But mostly it is just your chance to support a non-traditional form of writing entertainment, which will allow me to keep everything I write (including the future books) free for all.

Please consider being a part of that support structure.

Of course if a monthly donation isn't your speed, you can always give a one-time donation through Paypal in the conspicuously placed tip jar to the left.

[And if even a dollar a month is just not in the budget right now, I certainly understand. (My good months tend to involve two trips to Chipotle these days.) However, if you still want to help in some small way, engaging this post on social media (liking it or commenting on it on FB) and of course sharing it will help it be seen by more folks who might have a dollar or two.]

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