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Friday, November 3, 2017

Best Modern Fantasy (Quarterfinal 4 Results)

What is the best fantasy book or series written in the last 25 years?

We've finally finished the quarterfinals!

I've had two last minute kerfluffles on top of a flu shot that did a day and change worth of crud this week so everything is just running behind. Tomorrow is a full day of "Job 2." And I mean a full day. The kind of day that starts first thing with trying to get a four year old dressed and fed and doesn't end until they collapse forward into their bed at day's end without changing into pajamas.

Still I preserve with the best of intentions. Today results. Early tomorrow I will slap up the first semifinal on my way out the door (finished tonight when I get home from last-minute-plan number 1). Sunday a "slow burn" article that has been sitting, mostly written, in the queue for like a week. Plus an admin post continuing my vainglorious attempt to catch up with how abominably behind I am there.

The top four titles will move on to the semifinals.

And thank you to so many of you for staying enthused about this poll despite it's riDICKulous number of rounds. I'll try to narrow things down in the future so we don't have a repeat of this nonsense.

Text version of results below

American Gods- N. Gaiman 185 40.84%
The Dresden Files- J. Butcher 103 22.74%
The Abhorson trilogy by Garth Nix 53 11.7%
The Inheritance Trilogy- N.K. Jemison 52 11.48%
The Lightbringer Series- B. Weeks 32 7.06%
Black Jewels Series- A. Bishop 17 3.75%
Radiance - Catherynne M. Valente 6 1.32%
East- E. Pattou 5 1.1%

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