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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

May's Best (And a tiny personal update)

I'm going to keep using this week–this week with it's double book, hours of driving, and emergency nanny hours–to catch up on these "Best of" posts that have gone months without updating. I've gotten a little writing time to work on a Thor article, and if all goes well it'll be up on Friday. (And if all doesn't go well, I'll finally actually have some time on Saturday, and it'll probably be either Saturday or Sunday.) Currently, if I'm not in the car, entertaining a soon-to-be four year old, or literally bent over in the physical act of feeding a cat or scooping their litter box, I'm pretty much writing right now, so I'll get you the good stuff as fast as I get it done.

Here are the top three articles (non poll and non-appeal) from May that will be moving to permanent housing in our "Greatest Hits" menu.

A Dream Destroyed (Mailbox)- R's brother's friend has really splashed some cold water on their love of writing. What should they do?

Swearing in Third Person (Mailbox)- Is it okay to have your third person narrator swear? Well it depends....

This Populist Writing Philosophy (Mailbox)Someone wrote into the W.A.W. Facebook page who was less than thrilled that I stress writing a lot over writing the best one could every time.

Honorable Mention:

An Open Letter to the Readers of Writing about WritingMaybe it was the title, but my appeals posts don't usually get more pageviews than other posts. But this would have actually been this month's number one except for one of the polls.

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