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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Best Classic SciFi Not Written by a Cis Het White Man (Last Chance to Vote)

What is the best science fiction from 1998 or earlier written by a woman or POC or member of the LGBTQIA+ community? 

Please follow this link if you're wondering why this poll has some particular limitations.

While some front runners are definitely pulling out, second place is practically a tie, and I've seen bigger leads fall apart in the eleventh hour.

I got tapped for emergency child care today, and I'm trying desperately to get my Early Access Patrons a post that I intend to make live on Friday. So today I'm just going to give everyone a heads up that I'll be posting the results of this poll tomorrow, so it's your very very last chance to vote!

Everyone gets three [3] votes, but as there is no way to "rank" votes, you should use as few as you can stand.

The poll itself is in the lower left at the bottom of the side menus.

If you're on mobile you can scroll ALLLLLL the way to the bottom and click on"webpage view" to see the side menus and get to the polls.

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