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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Best Classic SciFi Not Written by a Cis Het White Man (Poll Results)

Please check out this post if you wonder why we have particular limitations.

Yesterday I spiked a fever, fell into bed, didn't get a post up, and had fever dreams though like 13 hours of sleeping. Today I seem be able to get a little bit of work done from bed, at least.

Hope you enjoyed the extra day to vote.

Regardless, I'm still dealing with a mild headache and don't want to press my luck, so just a quick post of the results from our latest poll. I would have loved to wait until that third place tie resolved or even that the spreads weren't quite so close, but we need to move on to the next poll. I was actually shocked to see the 11th hour slip of The Handmaid's Tale from second place to tied for third, so never let it be said that the last call for votes doesn't matter.

I secretly wonder how many people voted for Frankenstein have actually READ Frankenstein, rather than just knowing they were supposed to like it, but I don't presume.

For our next poll, fire up your thoughts on HORROR.
Text results below.

Frankenstein- M. Shelly 65 23.3%
Dragonflight & Dragonquest- A. McCaffrey 42 15.05%
The Dispossessed-U.K. LeGuin 39 13.98%
The Handmaid's Tale- M. Atwood 39 13.98%
The Giver- L. Lowry 29 10.39%
Xenogenesis Series- O. Butler 21 7.53%
The Ship Who Sang- A. McCaffrey 20 7.17%
Parable of the Sower- O. Butler 16 5.73%
Hunting Party- E. Moon 8 2.87%

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