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Friday, July 13, 2018

Need more questions!

The Twenty Questions posts are a bit easier for me than a regular post to write from beginning to end, and so they make great filler while I'm slogging through these last two weeks of summer school. Today I slept in until noon after a hard week, and had to move house to a pet sitting gig I'm going to be at for the next week.

As I recover, try to dig out the urgent emails, handle the growing pile of admin posts that need my attention, and try to get you some articles that aren't totally jazz hands, here is a reminder that I need your questions to help me do the "Twenty Questions" posts.

Themes remaining are Blogging, Publishing, Basics, Social Media (FB!), Reading/Books, "My Philosophy of Writing," Grammar, and Social Justice Bard. Though I may do one or two questions from Process, Craft, Personal or Meta if you still have those.

Now I'm off to do some power sleeping and then write like the wind this weekend.

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  1. Est-ce que tu comprends le français et est-ce que tu peux répondre aux questions en français ?