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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Twenty Questions

The questions might be long but the answers aren't.....usually.

We answer a lot of questions here at Writing About Writing and most take time, energy, and nuance to be a full post. Publishing. Craft. Process. Personal questions to me. They're all covered. And if you'd like to get one answered send them, like all questions, to chris.brecheen@gmail.com and make the title "WAW MAILBOX."

But not every answer needs an entire post to respond to. Even stacking two three or four at a time won't really end up with a full length post, so when we've gathered up enough of those quick-to-answer, we'll bundle them all together and toss out one big run––usually by theme if we can make one or a "pairing" work. If your question is more of a quickie than a put-on-Marvin-Gaye-and-take-your-time type, it just may show up in one of these posts.

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