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Monday, July 16, 2018

That Moment We Knew Was Coming (Personal Update)

Be distracted by a picture of me eating my hair.
To be honest, if I get through the six weeks of summer school and only utterly blow one post, I'll be doing spectacularly. It was sort of bound to happen, and as usual, I'm probably the one giving myself the most grief over it.

Yes, there are reasons. My blogging/fiction takes a hit when I'm wound up and posting a lot about politics (and boy howdy today, amirite?). I got tapped for kid patrol today and then got an extra 90 minutes on top of the original time. I'm starting to fall behind on sleep and posts and EVERYTHING because of the 20 hours a week I'm teaching (on top of everything else). A situation just boiled over among a lot of folks I care for every deeply that has caused a lot of people a lot of pain and will now get worse. I'm having one of my worst A.D.D. days in months.

And also, twenty questions turns out to take a LONG ASS time to write even if you're trying to keep those answers short.

Mostly though, I'm just tired, distractible, emotional, busy A.F., and class starts tomorrow and I'm in the backstretch but really, REALLY ready for summer school to be over.

So let's call time-of-death on a proper post for today, and if I can't get this Twenty Questions done for tomorrow, I'll do what I planned (also a personal update but with more personal updateyness), and we'll move the 20Qs to Friday.

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