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Friday, July 27, 2018

I Need More of Your Quick Answer Questions!

I want YOU....to send me questions.
Summer school is over but our Twenty Questions posts (in theory) are a bit easier for me and make a great "transitional" post so that I get a tiny bit of time....well not OFF, but slightly lower key.

As I recover from six 80 hour weeks, try to dig out the urgent emails, handle the growing pile of admin posts that need my attention, and ease back into a posting schedule, you can help me by sending me your easy to answer questions.

The questions can be as long as you want but try to make the answers easy on me. The publishing Twenty Questions turned out to be about six full posts and then some.

Themes remaining are Basics, Reading/Books, "My Philosophy of Writing," Grammar, and Social Justice Bard. Though I may do one or two questions from Process, Craft, Personal, Publishing, Blogging, Social Media, or Meta if you still have those.

Now I'm off to take a kid to his favorite lunch spot (Costco if you can believe it) and an admin (and hopefully rest) filled weekend.

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