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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Train Reminder

Sorry for two posts in one day, but I want to remind everyone of how things will work while I head home on the train. It basically goes backward from when I come east. Tomorrow I will be almost completely unable to post because of lack of signal. On Thursday I will hit a lot of cities and get a lot of signal, so I will be able to post some stuff to Facebook through my phone, but I will not have WiFi to update the blog. Late Thursday I will be home and our posting schedule will resume. The first thing you can expect is the results of our current poll. So go vote

I already have a new post ready (and the conclusion of the article for Early Access) but it's going to take more editing than I need to get it up early tomorrow morning before I leave for the train, so it's going to have to be Friday. And then I'll drop some admin stuff over the weekend and give you all a full week of posts without my usual days off to make up for all this travel time.

If you're seeing this on social media, no need to click the post. You've read the whole thing. (Although there is a LINK to the blog.)

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