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Tuesday, January 14, 2020

2019's Top Ten

The very best articles from 2019. 

It was a tough year with a surprising number of personal posts making the list, lost friends and beloved pets, ghosts (the real kind), and a nanny schedule that only looked good on paper, but we got through it and fiddled (hard) with the knobs to make sure that 2020 affords much more writing time.

This list will end up in The Greatest Hits along with the best articles by month.

The Buy-Me-Lunch Answer About My Sexuality

I don't much like labels. I'd much rather you buy me lunch and we'll sit down and talk.

The MLK That White People Like (SJB)

Let's get something straight, my fellow history-whitewashing, tender, gentle, fragile white people who like to quote Dr. Martin Luther King.

Fuck This. See You Next Week

The fires in California this year threatened my home and I tried to keep writing. It did not go so well.

5 Reasons Your Submission Probably Ended Up In the Trash (And 5 It Was Rejected That Aren't Your Fault)  [Also Part 2]

Your story MIGHT suck. But it also might be nothing at all to do with the content.


Some people love this word, and others find it a red-flag of a few different kinds of bigotry. What happens when the two groups talk?

24 Jackwads Who Show Up On Every Post About How to Write Something Oft Problematically Portrayed

They're always right there with the same handful of arguments.

Types of Editing (Basics)

There's a lot more to editing than just fixing your spelling and commas, and in fact that's kind of the least important and last step to a proper multi-phase editing pass.

I've Seen The Preview: I Don't Need to Hear Your Shitty Argument

Notice how so many of those internet arguments go so exactly the same way as the others that you already know how they're going to end? Kind of like the previews to certain movies where you totally feel like you just watched the whole movie.

I've Lost That Loving Feeling! 15 Ways to Spice Up Your Writing (Mailbox)

I took some marriage advice and applied it to writing in a listicle that was pretty weird, even for me.

Writing In Grief

At the end of this summer, a pair of my friends died while I was pet sitting for them. Dealing with that was more difficult than I imagined it was going to be.

Honorable Mentions:

Should I/Must I Read the Classics? (Mailbox)

This mailbox where Judith wants to know if she should read the classics missed the top ten by fewer than fifteen page views (which could account for almost anything including putting it up the first time too late in the afternoon––after east coast folks had gone home for the day).

I Need Advice (But Not "Write Every Day") [Mailbox]

I actually picked this one even though it was down a bit from the top ten. It got a very warm personal reception...if not all the page views.

11 Reasons Fame Probably Doesn't Look Like You Think It Does (The Renown Margin) [Part one of 3]

I break up many of my longer articles these days to keep my writing pace a little more reasonable for me and keep from vomiting 20k words for folks to read in one shot. Each part of this article missed the top ten (barely) but all together it would have been around the middle of the list.

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