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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Leela Bruce Kung Fu Fights Bad Writing Advice

Hello.  I'm Leela Bruce, and I welcome you to join me in my segment: Beating the Shit Out of Bad Writing Advice.  Turns out there's a lot of bad writing advice out there that needs to have an encounter with my brick-breaking side kicks and pressure point eagle claw.  Most of it could be good advice if taken with a fist full of disclaimers and the redirection of force that is context.  That's where I come in!  I will cobra style clash with cliches.  I will wipe out wives tales.  I will crane kick conventional wisdom.  I will unleash bear style blows against bloggers.  And my personal favorite, I will demonstrate the Dim Mak dragon on dead white guys.  I am on a "Kung Fu: The Legendary Journey" style quest to find the secret lairs of bad writing advice, and beat the shit out of it.

Leela Bruce vs. C.S. Lewis
Adverbs often get quite a bad rap.  Leela sets the record straight.  Violently.
Active voice wanks are assaulted!
Eschew This! Leela vs. Richard Bausch's Advice to "Eschew Politics"
Going to the Mat With the Cliche Police (A Story of Good Gone Wrong)
Leela Bruce vs. F. Scott Fitzgerald
Write What You Know: Most Misunderstood Advice Ever
"Fake it Till You Make It" Bad Advice That Doesn't Mean to Be Bad
The Return of Leela Bruce
Yojimbo'ing ALL the Dialogue Attribution Advice

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