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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Best Speculative Fiction Author of Color (Poll Results)

Our poll on best speculative fiction author of color was a little bit low key. I sort of knew the nominations were going to be a little tough (and a number of you said "Wow, I didn't know how few authors of color I read," which was what I intended), but I didn't expect the poll itself would be quite so...tranquil.

If nothing else at all, I hope everyone who is a fan of science fiction and fantasy realizes how terribly....desperately authors of color are lacking in their fandom and seek out new voices. Actively. Consciously.

Octavia Butler took an early lead and held it. And Marquez and Allende stayed locked in a contest for second.

Unless I get a great idea for a totally poll in the next 24 hours, fire up your brain to think of the best distopian fiction (series or stand alone) for our March poll. As always it will be totally based on reader nominations.

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