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Friday, February 20, 2015

Flips and Flops (Personal Update)

Super heroes fly in style.
Sidekicks (if they get monetary clearance at all) fly Southwest.
Working on getting the Hall of Rectitude packed up and onto their plane to New Zealand in just a couple of hours. Which means watching The Contrarian. Sonic Gal could easily pack in just a few seconds, but she's been trying to fight some crime over on Telegraph and 38th Street right up until the last second they have to go.

And when Sonic Gal does something "right up until the last second" it's literal.

I'm going to fluff today (hur hur), and post what I was working on for today on Tuesday next week. (I'm not sure I want it to survive a "Weekend Launch.") Because if I try to finish this up today, either Uberdude is going to miss his flight or The Contrarian is going to end up French kissing an electrical socket. Besides, I want every last second possible for hugs and kisses because as much work as raising a mind control psychic superhero with possible villain tendencies, I am going to miss this kid like mad starting about fifteen seconds after I've dropped the gang off. I might be the one who bursts into tears when he Skypes me.

Anyway, tonightI have to play Skyrim until my eyes bleed.  FOR THE BLOG!!!!!

Also, as an aside that I wish were more hypothetical, if you don't know how fast Sonic Gal can punch you in the throat if you start singing "Leaving on a Jet Plane," consider yourself lucky.


  1. Have you tried singing along to the Me First and the Gimme Gimme's version of that song? It might help.

  2. PS - I'd like to nominate Terry Pratchett for something, by the way.