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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Best Magic System (Nominations and Seconds Needed)

What is the best magic system in fiction?  

Despite the terrible news of the last two weeks (update coming hopefully tomorrow), let's keep our January poll going. We need nominations for the best magic system in fiction.

Mostly though, we need "seconds" for the existing nominations. Nothing without a second will be going on to our poll.

Please, please, please go back to the original post to make your nominations. Or I will think you hate me and weep bitter tears. Plus that's where all the already-nominated magic systems are for you to second.


  1. I'm fairly sure I will not get a second with this nomination, but I'm doing it anyway. Zenna Henderson's "Others" series of short stories. So why? Because she was marvelous and doing it under her own name, long before many women were in the field of speculative fiction. All the Signs and Persuasions. . . she had them. :)

  2. Patrick Rothfuss' "The name of the Wind". I love the whole idea of Naming, but also the balance in his magic system of Sympathy. It's a system based on laws of nature and an easy-to-follow rationale. Brilliant and entertaining!

  3. The stormlight archive. Books so far: The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance. The whole world is magical, but the system is based on power gained by those bonded with spren to harness stormlight, the power of the storm taped in gems. Those who advance their bond gain more power.

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