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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2016's Best By Month

[Everything in italics will disappear when I come back here in April to add March's best.]

In all the hullabaloo, I forgot to put up January's best post. And now it's time to do February's. So lets do both and get the 2016 Best-By-Month post going for the new year.

Plus I'm way way way overdue (because I keep doing things like "sleeping" and "enjoying a moment to myself" on weekends) getting the new 2015 top ten post up and updating the 2015 by month posts. The top 10 posts have been added to the "Best Of" page, but the job of going through each month and finding the 4th place post to put into the THIRD place slot because one of the top three posts got promoted to the YEAR'S ten best is something of a time sink.

So today will be a bit of housekeeping.  

Why I Literally Can't Even Turns out my girlfriend has cancer.
Through: The Only Way Out  For some of us, troubled times are when we write harder.
It's Later Than You Think There's one thing you won't always have more of when it comes to finally getting to your writing. And that is tomorrows. 

Your Novel is Boring (Here’s Why and How to Fix It) By Bethany Brengan Our best this month from a guest blogger. Congrats Bethany!!
How Do I Write a First Sentence? (Mailbox) Starting can be tough.
One Last Generous Donation of 2015 In which I admit that those thank you notes are a bit too much with everything else going on.

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