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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Best "Surreptitious" Non-Man Writer (Last Call for Nominations and Seconds)

Who was the best non man writer who used a male or ambiguous pen name?  

Since today was eaten by a 8am sick toddler grenade, please just let me write the post I was going to have to write in the next few days anyway encouraging everyone to take a glance back at the nominations page for our latest poll, and to second the nominations that you'd like to see go on to our poll that'll go up in a few days.

Rules are there if you're not sure if your author counts.

Of course, this is also your last chance to add any other nominations you'd like to see on there. Still room for Rowling or a second for one of the Bronte sisters!

Please please please go back to the original page. It'll make my life so much easier when I make the poll to have all the nominations in one place.

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