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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Plans. And Other Destroyable Things (Personal Update)

Some man or mouse must have laid these silly plans!
Image description. Me in an "Introverting.... (quiet please)" shirt
I had plans you see. Plans!

I was going to launch a Kickstarter this week. But I was not going to launch before an outrageous spate of productivity. That was supposed to give you all an idea of what I can do when I'm on fire. So you would have an idea of what you were "buying." (A writer...ON FIRE!!)

Instead, I'm afraid, I'm only able to offer you up a sad and tragic example of why I'm hoping this Kickstarter is successful–because my life can get pretty fucking busy if I am working fifty or sixty hours a week, and that's going to be "scrape by" hours if I have to pick up a fourth gig to make ends meet.

Excuses. Yeah I guess have a few of those. I let one of those spinning plates of mine fall to the floor, spilling Mongolian goulash all over the upholstery. Now I'm using metaphorical baking soda to help deodorize....if you know what I mean. I started the week with some light days, and quickly got writing posts like one of those furiously typing GIFs . Then shit went pear shaped. (And I mean one of those Bartlett bad boys, not that Comice crap–those things are just confused apples.)  Uberdude had to go to a Superhero Combat Simulation convention to practice deescalation and proportional response techniques for dealing with henchmen, which left me doing double shifts with The Contrarian in order to pick up the slack. I wrote of course, but by the weekend when the convention started, I was falling behind on my blogpostapoloza.

My move out date is coming up in only a month. (Well, my "soft" move out date. I may take a couple of weeks to fully move since I am going to be in the middle of summer school too.) Summer school is coming up. And the deets are not mine to share, but I spent today biting my nails to the quick waiting for the first major post-chemo CT results.

At least I'm still writing every day.

On the bright side–and here is your dollop of folksy writing wisdom for the day folks, so listen up–I learned that sitting down every day and cultivating the discipline has served me. As soon as I had the free time, my writing easily filled up the space. Take a thousand writers who are complaining that they don't have enough time to write, give them that time, and 998 of them will just find more ways to waste time. By writing every day, and maintaining that discipline, the minute I had more time, I was able to fill that space with more writing without the slightest effort.

I'll still get some stuff up (because I am nothing if not the type to get something up at 10:45 at night), but the real excitement for this week, the month, the year, and my next major project should be landing on Friday.

Stay tuned!

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