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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Best Modern Science Fiction Book (or Series) [Reminder to vote!]

What is the very best sci-fi book (or series) written between 1976 and 2000? 

Don't forget to vote! Your nominations have formed our poll, and now it's time to make your voices heard. I'm going to wrap this poll up and post results in very early January, but TIME MOVES DIFFERENTLY IN THE LAST HALF OF DECEMBER. It will be over before you know it. So take a moment to vote for your favorite book that isn't classic, but isn't super contemporary either.

And don't forget that the poll will let you vote again after one week. Since I can't monitor or stop the shenanigans, I encourage it. Vote early. Vote often.

Everyone will get three (3) votes. Use them....wisely.

The poll itself is on the bottom left of the side menus, below the "About the Author."

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