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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Mission Statement (Updated for 2022)

Did you know that Writing About Writing has a mission statement? Well we do, and it's been updated for 2022.

This was my original mission statement:

The Mission of this Blog is to provide a place that will facilitate my ability to:

1-Be able to say, “I was just writing about that in my blog” in that really pretentious way that only bloggers can do. Preferably while holding a snifter of brandy and looking at someone through a monocle.

2-Satisfy my writerly exhibitionist need for feedback without the constant irritation of things like letters of rejection.

3-Be able to say, “I’m published” at cocktail parties as long as they don’t press too hard on how exactly I’m using the word “published.”

4-Be passive aggressive towards people who have slighted me in an internationally accessible medium. Also, preferably, while holding a brandy.

5- Have fans hanging off of me no matter where I go. Bloggers are the new rockstars.  That's what the dude at the Moleskine Journal Store assured me.

But I found this to be just a little bit too honest for most folks, so I’ll go with my second round of better-sounding reasons.

Thus: our new and improved mission statement.

The mission of this Blog is to provide a place where I can:

1-Control What People See When They Search for You on Google

2-Share My Experiences in Real Time

3- Impart what little wisdom I have gathered over the years

(Each of those is their own link to their own article.)

Technically, you're looking at one small part of our Business Stuff (that tab along the top if you're in desktop mode) and you can see more stuff there like how to support Writing About Writing or a few disclaimers about how I run the show here.

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