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Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Chris Brecheen: Content/Developmental Editor

This looks like an
editor face…right?
More naughty librarian?
I'll take it.
Yes, as you can see from this magnificent blog, I'm a veritable font of writing wisdom. And one way I dispense that advice, when I'm not folding it into fortune-cookie form or replying to mailbox questions is to give it directly to folks about the writing that they show me.

I did a freelance gig this afternoon, and made that my writing for the day.  It means there won't be a regular post, but I'll post tomorrow what would have gone up today.

It also means that YOU TOO can partake of my direct help.

I am not very good at proofreading (and rubbish at copy), but I am really good at content and development, and I can even do a little of the line/substantive editing as long as no one is expecting much help with grammar.

I do ask for what I'm worth (both given the industry average and the fact that I am already a working writer and any job is probably taking away from my writing time): $60/hr for easy jobs and up to $85/hr if I'm being asked to drop everything right away or am being given a soul crushing job.

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