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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Milestones, Progress, and Invitations--Thank You Everyone!

Wow!  We just hit 5000 page views.  I'm breathless with gratitude towards every one of you.  This is such an amazing project, and it keeps getting better.

I know I get excited over numbers that a real blog can pick up in an hour or two, but it's really exciting to watch the numbers go up--not just the aggregate numbers but also the numbers per day.  Even though I started taking weekends off, it's possible that July (post off-weekend decision) might have comparable numbers to April (pre off-weekend decision).  I wake up these days, and before I've even posted anything, I see that I have more hits than I used to get all day long.

It's very exciting.

Remember, if anyone ever wants to guest blog, I want you to!  You have something to write about writing (or art or inspiration or motivation or anything even peripherally related to writing), but maybe you don't have QUITE enough to start your own blog, please drop me a line and we'll work out a day.  I don't mind being disagreed with either.  If you post is titled "Why MFA's are 10 kinds of awesomesauce, adverbs really do suck, and Chris Brecheen is a pretentious n00b who should shut his pie hole!" I will totally publish it.  (Though, in that particular case, I might write a small refutation article the next day.)

I will also cut and paste this out of my Frequently Asked Questions (In this case, "frequently" is twice.)

Q- How can I support Writing About Writing and it's struggling, yet devilishly cute and cuddly author? If I add up all the time spent being marvelously entertained, as well as having my life and understanding of writing enriched, by this website and its talented and amusing writer, it would be longer than a directors cut of the Lord of The Rings trilogy, and I paid $39.99 for that...even at Costco during a sale.  I feel I should give back for all the joy and wit W.A.W. has brought to my life.

A- Well there's the obvious: flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep....  Look, I'll go ahead and profane the purity of my art (~cough~).  Right now I'm working 15-20 hours a week on W.A.W. for the average of about seventy-five cents.  That breaks down to just under four cents an hour. The most amazing and supportive thing you could do is send me a couple of bucks. I'll feel ten feet tall and walk around like the guy in Assassin's Creed with my arms spread wide in a totally-not-incognito-strut-walk for at least a month. Baring that, turn your Adblock off for Writing About Writing. (If you right click on the icon, you can turn it off for JUST this site.)  My ads are usually about MFA programs, self-publishing, the latest Scifi/Fantasy novel or something relevant and often kind of cool. I want to be clear I am NOT asking for clicks on those ads.  (I could get into trouble with Google for soliciting clicks.)  Do NOT click the ads unless you see something you're really interested in.  I just know probably 75-80% of people have Chrome or Firefox and use some kind of adblock, so if you want to support me, turn it off. Maybe you'll see something interesting. If you have no money to give and you refuse to look at ads, you could always spread the word.  Repost an article to Facebook or Twitter that you find useful or funny, put it on Pintrest, or whatever would help it get out there to more people.  Most of my traffic is still from my friends, so sharing makes a HUGE difference to me.  I've doubled my page views before because ONE person shared.  Or maybe recommend W.A.W. to a friend you know loves writing.  Also, giving anything you like a +1 Google would be great because the higher number of +1's I get, the higher the site comes up on a keyword search.  Hey, and if none of that sounds like your cup of tea, just drop me a comment and tell me you like what I'm doing. Sometimes I go weeks without a comment, and just knowing I "hit" would make me happy.

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