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Monday, July 23, 2012

Politics and Writing

Bear with me.  I know politics makes people squeamish when they don't agree.

Writing isn't a partisan activity, and even though I have my particular political leanings (which I don't scream from the rooftops of this blog, but you probably have an idea of if you're paying attention), I respect everyone else theirs as well.  So I don't want to drag politics into this blog--at least not directly. The point I'm trying to get at involves politics--IN GENERAL--rather than specifically to any particular brand, and is as applicable to writers who work "Yes we can!" into everything they write as it is to those with a picture of Ronald Reagan on their keychain.

A writer has to keep this stuff in check.

[Now...this is one of those times where I have to make sure I'm clear about how I'm using the term "writer."  Even though I mention this in my disclaimers, when it comes to advice like "keep politics in check," it is particularly important to make it clear that I'm speaking of fiction writers.  It would be extra inane with absurd sauce and a tall frothing glass of WTF for a political pundit blogger to keep their politics in check.]

This week on Writing About Writing, in honor of getting to see the commander in chief try to raise enough money to maintain that status, I will run a political theme.  Not MY politics or DNC politics or the "other's" politics, but a writer's relationship to politics in general.  An article on Richard Bausch's controversial advice "Eshew Politics," quotes from writers about politics, a political themed potpourri...my guest blogger this week, Leela Bruce, has even tossed her original plans to come up with a political themed beat down.  If I can write quickly, or I can write while I wait the hours between when we get to sit to when the program starts, I may even have the first of those articles up tonight.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Look forward to the theme week. This should be interesting,