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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The BEST Scifi/Fantasy Series Semi-Finals: Round 2

It's time for December's poll.

What is, in your opinion, the BEST Science Fiction/Fantasy series?  (Round 2)

As so many of you were so epically disappointed in the list of "best" series proffered up for November's poll (a list derived largely from compiling multiple internet articles on the matter), and as  you shouted with your impassioned response to my query for write-in suggestions... I now offer up as many of those write-ins as I can.

In fact several of you came up with five or six "the best series."  It's almost as if the word "best" got lost somewhere in the crossfire.

But no matter!  We shall preserve!!!  Rawr!

Five of the titles from the last poll will be moving on to the finals round.  As will five titles from THIS poll.  (Whichever five do the best.) Unless for some reason I get enough further write-in responses to run another semi final poll, the final match up will be in January.

I had to cull a few choices from each of the write-in submitters or I would have a poll of twenty--something that totally diffuses results to near meaninglessness.  If, as I said, we get several more write ins, there may be cause to have another round of semi-finals.  (And if things get really crazy up in here, and I get a LOT more write in responses, it is possible that this round will become a quarter final round, the winners will go on to the semi-finals and those winners will head to the finals--but that would take about 20 more series that people think are "the best.")  If another poll does happen, I can add back in some of your other choices that fell off of this poll.  But EVERYONE lost a couple.

Therefore, if you don't see the result you want here (and it wasn't in the last poll) you can put a further answer in comments, and if I get enough, we'll be adding even more to this poll.

Everyone gets three votes.  Obviously voting only once will increase the "potency" of a given vote, but you may see more than one series that you simply have to acknowledge.  I apologize in advance to those who are having trouble voting anonymously or via mobile devices.  I don't know that I can fix that.

The poll itself is on the left column at the bottom.  (Under my bio.)  Happy votification!


  1. I have voted and I feel vindicated! huzzah!

  2. You know, after my making a big deal out of Foundation being a trilogy (and therefore a series) in a previous poll, I notice that neither of these has any Asimov. I would also like some Bujold, plz. (I'd look and see if either of these were mentioned in the previous comments, but...not sure where those are.)

    1. Well, if we get any more write ins, there will be at least ONE more poll, so I can add in some Asimov and Bujold. (But you HAVE to tell me which series of each author should go on the next poll.)

  3. I haven't read any of those, and only even heard of the first two! Is this list a bit fantasy heavy? I'm into Sci-Fi. :)

    1. Baronlaw and Werepanda suggested many of these as needing to be on this list. I'm not familiar with all of them either.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Not really.
      Cherryh, Laumer, Daley, Perry are all scifi. King is a bit of both. Rice is modern horror. Garrett is neo-Victorian steampunk. Anthony and Brust are the only real "fantasy" on the list. And Brust is a bit of a maybe. I don't know Rothfuss.

  4. Oh. Now the order is different. I've only heard of the Ann Rice and Stephen King books.

  5. I feel like Vorkosiganverse deserves to at least get to be voted on.

  6. I'd like to nominate any of Dan Abnett's series in the Warhammer 40k universe!

  7. Vorkosigan - Bujold
    Cold Fire trilogy - Friedman
    Chronicles of St Germaine - Yarbro
    Black Company - Cook
    Amber - Zelazny
    Book of the New Sun - Wolfe
    Kencyrath - Hodgell
    Ringworld/Known Space - Niven