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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wetting Myself Over 100,000 Pageviews! Thank you. Yes...YOU!!!

So earlier today, just after my last post about the strange and troubling success of Xanth in the "Best Scifi/Fantasy Series" Poll.  I went over 100,000 pageviews for all time.  100,000 is the population of cities I don't have to look up to list.  Concord (when I arrived in the bay area--now it's 120,000).  Daly City.  Temecula.  Antioch.

It's like every single person in one of those cities stopped by my blog.

I know there's been a lot of work to get here, but mostly when I see milestone numbers, I want to thank all of you.  I couldn't have done it without people taking a chance on me, and putting up with my bad copy editing and grammar and generally just being awesome.  I want to hug every one of you.  Thank you all so much.  You guys are amazing!

You did that.

I know that human fascination with round numbers is completely arbitrary, and I might as well get equally excited about 102,133, but it's still an exciting day for me.  If you'd asked me a year ago how long I thought it might take me to reach six figures, I would have told you that two or three years was probably a good "reach/stretch" goal, and maybe not particularly realistic.

This isn't just a post about how much I'm wetting myself either, though I assure you that it's a lot.  I always promised myself to take things more seriously on the blog at certain bellwethers.   100,000 was always one of those bellwethers.  (Half a million is another.)  Your awesomeness deserves some equal awesome from me.  Hitting 100k, especially this quickly, is sort of the signal to me that maybe I'm doing something right.  Maybe not playing this game by someone else's rules is not a completely crack-induced delusion.

It's only MOSTLY a crack-induced delusion.  And I loves me some crack.  You folks who have kept reading me and crack, that's what I love.


Now...perspective time.  According to all my research, for a blog to make "actual 'day job' money," it has to make about 100,000 hits PER MONTH.  That means I need to make as many pageviews in 1/11th the time as I reached this 100k.  Even if you take my current average hits per month, I need to make 5 times the traffic.  So there's lots of room to grow and improve even just to reach "squeaking by."  I'm not going to run out of goals any time soon.

Okay, that's enough perspective.  A little of that shit goes a long way.  Back to complete overreaction celebrating!

Time to drink a LOT more water, so I can get back to wetting myself.


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