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Friday, June 2, 2017

Admin Weekend

I'm about to start up something a little different here. I'm going to need time to occasionally catch up on emails, tidy up menus, plan out future articles, be better about feedback for guest bloggers, work on non-blog (but also non W.I.P.) things like Kickstarter and Patreon rewards and such. I think over time it will actually increase the quality of the blog way more than the time it cannibalizes. Certainly the quality of posting should go up if I have a game plan a little more often when I roll out of bed in a panic.

It all takes time, and if you're keeping score, it all takes time away from writing. So before you go thinking that a writer's life is nothing but them and the blank page (between the gratuitous orgies of course) and that their agents just pop into the house and barely say hi as they drop off a stack of royalty checks and pick up the next chapter, let me make sure that everyone is crystal clear that the business of writing involves a lot of NOT writing.

I've had quite a week. Maybe someday I'll tell you all the signature-wrestling-move pain that almost went down in ol' Chris's life, but for now I'm going to have to have you trust me that it was some next level shit and we're all super glad it's over before the mushroom clouds showed up on the horizon.

In any case, I'll start with once a month, but I very well may need two. And it'll chew up the weekend and MAYBE the Friday if I'm really far behind for the sake of admin chores. If you're keeping track of how many posts I owe you on average via my committment to Patreon, you will still get the right number. There will just be more two-post days in the weeks before and/or after an admin weekend.

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