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Monday, June 19, 2017

Once More Unto The Breach Dear Friends, Once More (Personal Update)

The countdown begins now.

Six weeks.

Six weeks, three days a week, five hours a day (including commute).

The wibbly wobbly updaty watey ball of schedule weirdosity kicks off now. And having worked last night and today (and tomorrow through Thursday if you're keeping score) we're already in weird mode. Plus for at least the first three of the six weeks, I'm going to be writing lesson plans and plotting out curriculum every night. I'll do my best.

Just a reminder:
  • There's going to be some major jazz hands
  • I might miss a post and they're certainly likely to go up late
  • Look toward the weekend for what would usually have gone up on Fridays and Mondays ("meaty posts")
  • Thursdays for the duration will involve an appeal
  • Yes, I'm making money writing, but this is a $37/hr gig that will float me into October, so there's just no way I'm giving it up right now. My many supporters are just going to have to accept there is a small, six-week lull in what I can do each year.
Also, I could use some more guest blogs and/or guest bloggers (the hopper's getting kind of low), but I will be extra persnickety about accepting submissions. Why? Because when I have time to email 100+ people back who didn't read all the directions, it (only) takes me longer per guest blog than just writing the damn things myself.  (Only repeat bloggers make putting out a call like this "worth it" over time.)  But given what I'm going through in my real life, I really won't be able to put up with that this time around. Either read all the directions (in the above link) very, very carefully, or wait until I can hold your hand a little more. Trust me; I'll be able to tell.

Remember submitting to an actual gatekeeper/publisher type is going to involve even more little rules including bullshit like hard copies and self addressed stamped envelopes, and they will just trash your submission and never tell you if you decide you don't need to pay attention, so consider it practice if you need to get over the feeling that I'm being a megalomaniac. 

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