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Friday, June 9, 2017

Best YA for Young Women (Semifinal 1 Results)

What is the best YA book or series marketed to young women? 

What an incredible turnout on this poll! Thank you all so much.What an incredible turnout on this poll! Thank you all so much. I was particularly thrilled to see such a wide gulf between #4 and #5. I always hate having to take the results when there's only a one or two vote difference.

The top four titles will go on to the final round (which will be up in a little over a week). Our second semifinal will go up tomorrow, so don't go too far.

Results in text form below.

Terrier-T. Pierce 143 25.63%
The Raven Boys- M. Stiefvater 96 17.2%
Cinder- M. Meyer 92 16.49%
Harper Hall trilogy- A. McCaffrey 80 14.34%
Dealing with Dragons -P. Wrede 65 11.65%
His Dark Materials Trilogy- P. Pullman 41 7.35%
Nancy Drew *Various Authors 23 4.12%
Pippi Longstocking -A. Lindgren 18 3.23%

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