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Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Future of Writing About Writing

Hi everyone. Today marks the first of six Thursdays where I'm going to try to do something a little like a pledge drive. (You know like those two weeks where NPR spends a few minutes between each show trying to convince you to donate? Like that....except six weeks.........and only on Thursdays.) Since I'm unable to maintain my current posting schedule because of teaching summer school, I thought that this would be a good time to do a sustained reminder that my ability to keep on writing (about writing) largely depends on all of you.

This is a screen shot from MY PATREON.  I'm currently 65% to my third goal, which will keep me from having to drive for Lyft or something once I run out of Kickstarter funds allotted for the novel and keep me writing instead.

So really the awesome part is we just started and we only have 35% to go.

If I can reach just that goal by the end of this six weeks, then I'll consider myself set up for what's coming. There are many more goals. Some because the funds allotted through Kickstarter are finite and will be used up. Some because part of my current income will eventually go away. (The kid I'm nannying needs less care each year.) Some to remove the need for jobs that take me away from writing, like teaching summer school. Some because my current living situation won't last forever. Some because I can only keep not contributing to some kind of retirement fund for so long before I have to do the responsible adult thing.

Since this blog's inception we have been able to quit teaching during the regular year, bring you more content, and up the number of high quality posts each week. (And not to put too fine a point on it, but we've been able to keep bringing you content through what would otherwise have been some completely devastating life transitions that would have put most bloggers on hiatus.) We've been able to go from five posts a week to six. And we've been able to take far fewer random days off. Here are some things I'd like to add if we continue to get more support.

  • Even more posts, and more high-quality posts (less jazz hands)
  • A seventh post each week
  • A greater number of carefully (perhaps even professionally) edited and revised posts
  • More fiction
  • Always free longer fiction (books)
  • An always, forever, ad free experience on Writing About Writing

If I can't reach this goal by the end of the six weeks, I may have to return to hosting ads on Writing About Writing and I may have to consider other ways to monetize my work. It's not something I want to do, and it will actually limit the rage of certain kinds of content I can post, but I'll need to shore up that gap somehow.

Remember just twelve dollars a year–just ONE DOLLAR a month–gets you in on backchannel conversations with other patrons, polls, and conversations about future projects including sometimes even me trying to get your input. But perhaps, most importantly, you'll be supporting an artist who to continue making art that will always be free for everyone to enjoy.

So if you like what I do and want to see me do more of it, not do less of it, and continue to do it without ads and for free, please consider a small pledge.

Again here is that link:  https://www.patreon.com/chrisbrecheen

And of course if committing to a monthly amount isn't feasible, you can always make a one-time donation through my Paypal (at the top left of the screen).

[Note: I'll add to the bells and the whistles and the jazz hands to this appeal post each week as this six weeks of summer school goes on.]

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