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Sunday, January 7, 2018


[Note: The text in brackets will disappear in a few weeks. The Best of WAW is getting a bit long down the page, and I'm condensing some of the older articles into their own link.] 

The Very Best of 2013
Changing the Creepy Guy Narrative A real experience from watching someone on BART be harassed.
The Mailbox: Creepy Guy Feedback (In Four Parts): Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
The Mailbox: Why don't you become a REAL Writer Hate mail from a Creative Writing MFA.
The Mailbox: What do I want from Writing About Writing What am I doing, anyway?
A Lit Major Watches Pacific Rim Probably so popular because it was the first post after Creepy Guy.
Prompt: Significant Details Eulogy Can you write one as good as this?
The Mailbox: Strangely Inappropriate Non-Writing Questions Threesomes? Height? Sex? Oh my!
Guest Blogger Amy Puts Down the Smack A guest blogger replies to the daily writing naysayers.
25 Words of Wisdom From Fight Club to Writers Also Part 2  There's some wisdom in this movie!
5 Reasons I Hate that "What the Author Meant" Meme A viral meme that delights in its own ignorance.

Happy Birthday to Writing About Writing A little meta, but W.A.W.'s first birthday got a lot of traffic.

More of 2013's Greatest Hits by Month

The Very Best of 2012
20 Ways To Sabotage Yourself As A Writer My first semi-"viral" post on Stumbleupon
Morning Writing (The Lessons of Brande) Eliminate Writer's Block
The Floating Half Hour of Writing Brande's step two to eliminate writer's block.
15 Excuses Writers Make That Aren't Fooling Anyone Writers make lots of excuses.
NaNoWriMo: The Good, The Bad, And the Really Really Ugly
15 Terrifying Things That Will Make You a Better Writer 
8 Things Prometheus Can Teach You About How NOT to Write
Grammar Memes
Guest Blogger L.Avjean- Writing Survival Characters: An Undeadly Epiphany
A to Zen of a Writer's Life The ABC's of being a writer.  Literally...

More of 2012's Greatest Hits by Month 

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