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Monday, January 8, 2018


[Note: The text in brackets will disappear in a few weeks. The Best of WAW is getting a bit long down the page, and I'm condensing some of the older articles into their own link.] 

The Very Best of 2015
Helping The Purple People (How Privilege Changes The Story) 
The Trope Skinny 
The Dangerous Intersection 
A Year of Diverse Authors (Cue Literary Frenzy) 
15 Things A Very Cute Toddler Taught Me About Writing (Part 1)  
Why Do I Hate NaNoWriMo? (FAQ)  
Terry Pratchett and "Real" Literature 
Controlling the Narrative: A Case Study within Baltimore 
Sister Act II and How to Know if You Should Be a Writer
The P.C. Police! (Mailbox)

2015's Greatest Hits By Month

The Very Best of 2014
Coming Out as Feminist Let's stop pretending, shall we?
20 Shritstorm Narratives and What's Wrong With Them
A Writer Goes to Burning Man A major revision of my article from 2012
On Social Media and Social Justice A strangely popular "jazz hands" post.
No Apologies: A Defense of Why Speculative Fiction Needs No Defense Revised from 2012
An Open Letter to Lynn Shepherd Remember that woman who told JK Rowling not to write?
Elliot Rodger and The MRA/PUA On Writing
Word Crimes Who exactly was Weird Al trolling with this song?
17 Rules of Writing I might have missed a few....or made up a few. Either way.
How Could You Pick E-Pub? How COULD you? (Mailbox) Hater's gonna hate.

Honorable Mention
That Feminist Crap/Social Justice Bard A menu that would have come in 3rd if it were a post.
Why is the Publishing Industry so Whitewashed? (Mailbox) Missed the top ten by 5 hits.

More of 2014's Greatest Hits by Month

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