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Friday, January 19, 2018

2017's Best By Month


Social Justice Bard and the Tale of the Missing Outrage What makes the story of the four who kidnapped and tortured a mentally ill man...a little different.
Never Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Ever Give Up After five years of doing this, my analytics have started to change.
Tone The "scaffolding" part for a three part craft essay. (New parts coming soon.)


The People in my Life/The People in my Fiction (Mailbox) Should I be putting real people into my fiction?
Social Justice Bard vs. Milo the Troll Milo Yiannopoulos often insists on the legality of his speech, but is it HATE SPEECH?
A Long Overdue Post The kickoff of my Patreon was strangely popular.


Beginning Writers and Submission Guidelines I asked for guest bloggers and folks....we need to talk.
Paying The Bills With Writing (Five Years In–Personal Update) No magic. No trick. (No frills either.) But the bills are getting paid.
Fortune Cookie Wisdom XII Honestly a more popular segment than it has any right to be.


Logan: Why Character Matters Adding eye popping special effects and more super powered antagonists is not what makes a good movie.
When to Throw in the Towel (Mailbox) At what point do you call it a day and give up?
Five Steps to Motivational Rejuvenation (Mailbox) How do you get your swing back if you've put a work on the back burner for a while?


This "Populist Writing Philosophy" (Mailbox) Someone disagrees that all that matters is that people write.
An Open Letter to the Readers of Writing About Writing My appeals posts rarely make the Greatest Hits. I think this one just had a provocative name.
Social Justice Bard And The Curious Case of Representation Once upon a time there was a cishet white dude who loved himself represented in media. But then something happened...


Writing With Depression (Mailbox) Can it be done?
Feeling Stuck? Join the Club, and Try These Tips to Get Writing Again (R.S. Williams) R.S. William's guest post about getting unstuck was one of June's best.
We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Blog Post Blog was pretty excited when my FB page went over 500,000 followers.


In Which I Have an Unwelcome Visitor by Rahnia Collins Guest Blogger Rahnia Collins discusses procrastination.
Twelve Little Meta Things Random and meta. But apparently popular.
We Regret to Inform You.... During July I was teaching summer school and ran a "Patreon Fundraiser" and one of the weekly appeals posts (probably because of the title) caught some people's eyes.


That Madmartigan Sigh (Personal Update) Oh great. Now I have to kill a dragon.
Battlestar Didactica You too can make the hard won wisdom of this blog into packaged wisdom.
An Old Priest, a Young Priest Groupie Threesome Jokes and Problematica (Mailbox) Why you see a lot less of the ol' Groupie Threesome joke around here lately.


Self Care Check In (A Very Personal Update) So...this started with me sleepwalking. For an entire day.
25 Things to Let Go of if you Want to Write Creatively for Money (Part 1) Part one of three. Giving some up might hurt.
Short Stories vs. Novels for Learning (Mailbox) If you're trying to learn to write, should you be doing short stories or novels?


A Strange Obstacle Fires near me weren't anywhere close, but the smoke in the air made it difficult to put up a post.
The Truth About This Last Month (Personal Update) Life was getting much better by October, but there's a very specific reason why.
25 Things to Let Go of if you Want to Write Creatively for Money (Part 3) The conclusion of the article started in September

Honorable Mention: The Renown Margin A new menu with new articles would have been number 2 in terms of page views. (More articles coming soon.)


Serious for a Moment (A Personal Update) Killing net neutrality may destroy an entire generation of artists, writers, activists, and creatives who have found their niche in online promotion.
Who Ordered the Extra Salty Mailbox It's not exactly hate mail, but I'm not quite putting up with this shit either.
Vocabulary Builders (Product Review) Are those books that promise to build your vocabulary really any good?


On the Business of Writing for the Non-Famous Writer Getting a tax write off on office space and laptops was very important to writers who weren't rolling in cash.
No Glamour in the Business of Writing Patreon enacted a terrible policy (since rescinded) and some days (if you want to make money writing) you have to deal with the non-writing parts.
In Memoriam (John DeCoster) One of my favorite teachers in high school.

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