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Monday, January 8, 2018

The Very Best of 2017 (Top Ten)

Twenty seventeen was a tough, tough year. You can tell some of the toughness just based on a handful of my top ten articles. Not only was there the death of a beloved pet and the lingering difficulty from losing my family, but on top of that there were nuclear war tweets, literal nazis, and some unprecedented national atrocities.

This part is the easy part. I'll just add these articles to The Best of WAW. The hard part is yet to come. In a couple of days I'll go through the "best of 2017" by month and replace these ten titles as they appear in the monthly view by the fourth (and maybe fifth) best ranked for the month to get the final 2017 rundown.

The Very Best of 2017  
Don't Let Them Change the Story: The Narrative of the Mentally Ill "Lone Wolf"
The Narrative of Normalization
The Return of a "Dark" History (A Literary Review of Thor: Ragnarok)
Social Justice Bard and the Tale of the Nazi Sympathizers
Joss Whedon and the Art Artist Divide
An Old Friend is Sick
Saying Goodbye
Social Justice Bard and the Tale of the Liberals Whose Fault it Is
Social Justice Bard and The Status Quo Defenders ("SQiDs")
Peak Orangosity

Honorable Mention- I wrote several posts this year which definitely have the numbers to place in the top ten (including at #1), but they are sort of more business/admin posts and have done so well, in part, because I repost them so frequently on W.A.W.'s Facebook page.
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