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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Gone Fishin'

I'm going to try really hard not to post ANYTHING here on the weekends.  Not even a little link to something that I think is interesting and writers should see.

I'm going to try really, really hard, but I will probably fail.

The main thing to know is that I'm going to stop holding myself to post on weekends.  The scheduled "productivity report" is going to be scrapped for the time being since it had very low readership (Google analytics shows me which pages are being read) and no one was joining me. The Sunday evening"prompts" are a bit more popular, but I think I'll incorporate them into the rest of the week, and actually give myself the day completely off.  I haven't really had one of those since January's glut of post-graduation do nothingness.

I will probably fail to not post...just so you know.  I'm very bad at not posting.

Actually, that's not even true.  I straight out suck at not posting.  Some people bemoan how long it's been since they posted.  I do too, except I bemoan how short the time has been.

I sometimes want to post two or three times a day, and I have to remind myself that most people find that sort of thing annoying.  It's not just that I'm a page view whore (though I am); it's actually that I really like writing, and I really like writing about writing (that's the action not the blog...though I like that too).  And I have a hard time when I see something or think of something with not immediately sharing it with everyone who might have the slightest interest in writing as well.

Sometimes, though, it just makes all the difference in how you look at it.  An obligation to write three posts in a weekend was a chore.  Not having that obligation makes anything I choose to do a little more footloose and fancy free. I won't wake up thinking "Okay, I have to do my laundry, clean the cat boxes, do the dishes, and set aside three hours for the blog." Sometimes just knowing you can do something for three hours or three minutes or not at all makes all the difference in the stress it brings to our lives...even if we end up choosing to use the three hours in the same way.

Anyway, so that's why weekends are getting a make over.

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