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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Pay Lots of Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain

Today I'm going to do some overdue clean up on the buttons that go across the top of the page (Home, Cast and Crew, and such.)  I know most people look at them once (if that) but they are overdue for some touching up, and I think I'm behind on updating a few of the Reliquary lists with my most recent entries.  Often the worst part of blogging is just the two or three hours every week that I have to spend making sure everything is up to date and all the links are going to the right places.

However, I promise at least some content on a Tuesday, and this is no.  Here is (one author's opinion of what should be on) a list of the ten best books from 2000-2009.  I've read six of them and it's a pretty good list.  I'm not sure Order of the Phoenix is quite on par with the rest of the list in terms of prose quality, but certainly Rowling has an amazing skill set in other aspects of arts and entertainment than the "high art" literary aesthetic.


  1. I would like a character, please. Considering you will undoubtedly one day write the Three's Company-esque sitcom based on my life, I feel this is required.


    Just be sure to make me uber-funny. And live at the beach.


    1. Consider my door come and knocked upon....or something.