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Monday, June 11, 2012

Continuing Adventures in the "Air/Fuel" Mixture

I haven't needed to worry much about spending too much time on my blog in the last couple of weeks because of the data corruption issues I faced back in May.  But I've been pricing Macs (since writers swear by them, they aren't supposed to do shit like this, and a Mac machine [an iPad] is the only thing I am able to see my old writing on because it was the system that did what it was supposed to) and today is the day new releases that everyone told me to wait for.  Well, I waited, and now I'm going to buy a laptop dedicated to writing.

That means I'm back to old issues of trying to find the sweet spot of turning down the volume here, so I can turn up the volume on writing other places--mainly fiction.  If I made more than ten dollars a month, I'd be happy to plow on, but I'm still spending 20-25 hours or more on the blog, and that just has to come down a bit.  Perhaps if I didn't have a day job (which you can put scare quotes around if you wish, but I spend 3-5 hours a day doing it and usually get no days completely off) or I could add the time I spend housekeeping to the end of the day, I could do both without having to choose, but my pleas for a thirty hour day go cheerfully ignored by all I proposition.

So here's my latest plan.  I've been watching my page views pretty carefully since I started the blog to get a sense of who reads what and when, and even what X-posting gets me traffic. Weekends here are kind of crap in terms of page views.  Hits on weekends are notoriously low, even when I put up stuff that is really popular.  The hits just end up trickling in throughout the following week.  People really liked the grammar themed potpourri, for example, but most of the traffic to that page came in the following week.

So I am going to take weekends off.

I'm going to move Potpourri to Friday, and focus on propping up my guest bloggers for Wednesday, and putting up one solid article on Monday.  It seems like over time I'm getting more traffic on solid hit efforts than by putting something up every day, so I'm going to focus on that.

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