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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Local Visual Artist Seeks Support

Hi all!  If you enjoy visual art, or have always wanted to help a local artist (well....local to me, I guess) then this is the entry for you.  You can get the work of a talented artist and earn yourself some great karma for prices that are ridiculously reasonable.

Most artists don't live the high life on the French Rivera that you see on TV (or even that struggling but plucky life in the huge warehouse apartment you see in movies), and the "bohemian life" loses its romantic glitter pretty quickly when the first bill for a root canal or broken bone lands in the mailbox.  Most artists work really really hard and make much much less than any "normal" job.

I'm invoking one of the (few) perks of having a blog, and boosting the signal for an artist friend named Lydia Rae Black.  (I'd rather have threesome invoking powers, but signal boosting will have to do.)  She is a struggling artist as well--a little further along in her professional career than I am in mine--but one who didn't use my insane strategy of renting a Spartan room, having no car, and never having kids.  (Cause...you know...that's lonely and it hurts your feet.) In the case of Lydia's family, the bill looming on the horizon is for the clutch on their car, and they could sort of use a small miracle right about now.

No one is asking for a handout, but now would be a really wonderful time for a couple of her paintings to sell.  And these aren't refrigerator magnet art pieces either--in both form and content, they explore the tensions between what our society finds desirable and what it finds unwanted or no longer useful.  For the talent and skill on display, and the complexity of themes being expressed, they are priced at an unreal bargain.  So if you've ever wanted to help a local artist, invest in some fine art before the artist's renown made it crazy expensive, or just hang something aesthetically pleasing and really cool on your wall, you could make this particular struggling artist very happy if you did it today.

This is her webpage: 


And this is her Etsy page: 


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