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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Monthly Metashizz

In response to a few people asking me what non-donation thing they could do to really help Writing About Writing I have added a Facebook share button (on the right) to go with the Stumbleupon button on the left.  If you really want to help, go to The Reliquary, find your favorite article (or three) and give it a "Like" on Stumbleupon and/or a "Share" on Facebook.

Despite facing a few less-than-teh-awesomest realities ever, I am going to keep writing regular updates.  I've just adjusted the schedule a little bit, so that on the days I have heavy obligations to my other two jobs, I'm not also trying to write longer articles here.  Sometimes little adjustments can make all the difference.  Other than killing the set schedule for guest bloggers, I doubt even my most regular readers will really notice that much has changed.

It was a month of looking in the mirror and wondering what the hell I'm doing.  But in the end, I'm going to write because I'm miserable if I don't.  And a couple of incredible souls donated non-trivial amounts that really helped, if I can risk a maudlin cliche, the wind beneath my wings.  It's amazing how  the price of dinner at a pretty cheap restaurant, hitting JUST at the right moment, can change everything.

A couple of really good things came out of this month's lackluster performance.  One is that I have a nifty idea for an article about falling into not-writing traps like social networking.  The other is that I have a better sense of how W.A.W. is really doing without me out there doing power jazzhands.  It's like watching an artificial market bubble burst.

Chasing your dreams isn't always starlight,  moonbeams, rainbows and being fellated by unicorns.  If every month were always better than last perseverance wouldn't require all those Youtube videos and inspirational speeches.

And frankly, as setbacks go, dropping DOWN to 13,000 views a month is pretty mild.

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