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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Best Horror Novel Nominations (Final Days)

Our current front runner in "seconds."
Nominate the best horror novels, and seconds to the existing nominations to determine which books will end up on our "Best Horror Novel" poll.  

Only a few days left of accepting nominations for the best novel from the horror genre.

The RULES-- 

Please please please please please for the love of god please, go back to the original entry to leave a comment nominating a book or seconding an existing nomination.  If you post here, I will take it, but I'll treat it like it's a G+ or Facebook comment for the purposes of breaking ties.

You may nominate TWO (2) books at the most. Obviously the fifteen books you love can't all be the best you've ever read.  Really I should be accepting only one "best ever," but I find that makes prolific readers have aneurisms in their brains.

You may "second" as many of the existing nominations as you wish.  (Yes I know that it's not really a "second" if a book has three or four of them, but you get the idea.)  So check back to see what's being nominated.  The number of seconds will largely determine what will go on the poll.

Only the best three (3) books from a single author will go onto the poll.  (I don't want this to be a "Which Stephen King Book is the Best" poll.)  Most people don't read a lot of horror, and I find their experience to be limited to just a couple of authors.  I want to get at least a few different authors on this poll.

I explain on the original article how I will break ties if they should happen.  Usually it's pretty clear cut which books are going to be on the poll and which aren't.

I haven't tallied all the nominations and seconds up yet, but my general impression is that we have:

1) Way more nominations that will fit in a single poll, so some of them will have to go.

2) Many titles with a single nomination, but no seconds.  Several titles with one nomination and one second.  Lots of ties to be broken.

3) Four or five Stephen King titles--only three of which get to make it onto the poll.  

So there is LOTS of influence a commenter can have on what goes on to the poll--even those of you who have already dropped your two nominations.

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