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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Potpourri: The Best of Facebook Feed

That's what SHE said.
On my totally awesome Facebook page that you should totally check out and "Like" I get a little fast and loose with the images I post.  Star Wars Puns, Ryan Gosling "Hey Girl" memes, old comics that are ubiquitous online; they're all fair game.  I'll leave a comic or image alone if it has clear "Keep Away" messages on the page where I find it (or if it's right there on the image). However the way these things get bounced around on Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, G+ and more, it's basically impossible not to step on someone's toes, and you mostly just have to be ready to take something down if someone tells you it's theres.  

Here I'm more cautious.  This is a commercial blog.  I make money.  And even if I didn't think it were totally an ass move to make money off of the hard work of someone else (which I do), I wouldn't want to open myself up to a lawsuit.  So I can't share with you a potpourri of every image I find on Facebook, but the ones with no clear origin, no clearly copyrighted characters, and no obvious watermark, I am willing to put here.  And of those, these are the best.

Please understand that these are viral memes of indeterminate origin.  If I have inadvertently posted your image, please just message me at chris.brecheen@gmail.com with some kind of proof (original URL, picture of you holding the original, or even just impassioned plea) and I will try to fix the problem however you want--give you credit, link the image to your website, take it down, write a post about how cool you are, whatever.

To be fair, I understand Myers has prehensile toes.

This last offering is an hour long interview with Stephen King talking to a group of English majors about how he gets inspired.  I say it's an hour because I want you to know what you're getting into, but it is very very worth the watch.

I can't seem to embed it (maybe because of the length), but it's really awesome:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2AtJssWJp3c

[Do you want to be featured in potpourri along with a few words from me about how awesome you are? Do you know a great writing link that I should share? Please send it to me at chris.brecheen@gmail.com, and I will post it along with a shout out singing your praises (unless, of course, you don't want one). There are four caveats to this. Please read them before you send me stuff. If I've posted anything that you feel is "yours" (or "your client's" --eeep!) please just ask and I will take it down if you wish or preferably give you credit and a link back to its source. Most everything here is some kind of meme, so it would be quite difficult for me to do proper attribution.]

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