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Saturday, October 25, 2014


So this calendar thing may not look like much to most of you in the studio audience, but it is actually what I've been working on getting right for a couple of weeks now. And tonight, around midnight, I finally finished up a version that I can take on a trial run. It probably shouldn't take so long to compare when I have time available to when I write things that take a lot of time, but....um....I am not a smart man Jenny.

As I wrote a couple of days ago, my current (or old) schedule was failing me in a number of ways that this new version seeks to redress.

It's a monthly schedule instead of a weekly one.

Even though a lot of things repeat weekly or biweekly, a few of the more time consuming entries happen only once a month. That gives it a definite pattern fidelity without locking in so many days of the week that writing anything else becomes a nightmare. It makes space for the other blogs (and I'll put a cross post here those days), and has a much more realistic posting schedule for the days I'm taking care of The Contrarian while still getting something up every day.

It leaves time open for my own fiction and reading without sacrificing quality or quantity by leaning more heavily on the weekends and making many of the more time consuming posts monthly or bi-monthly.

I'll take it on a test drive around the neighborhood during November, and make sure it doesn't drift to the left when I let go of the wheel, stick in third, or make a clanky noise above fifty. I want something a little more concrete than "fluff" on Wednesdays, and there are at least a couple of days I'd like to add choices, but this is looking pretty good right now. I may need to fiddle with the knobs and see if the plan survives its encounter with "the enemy" before I shout it from on high.

Once I know it's going to hold together, I'll update my Update Schedule.

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