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Thursday, October 9, 2014

September's Best

These are the three best articles of September which will be going into The Best of W.A.W., fame, and virtual immortality.

The 17 Rules of Writing A list of simple things every writer should keep in mind.

Pass/Agg Memo to Other Artists Just a few things I want to say to my fellow artists. (But certainly not you!

Why Others' Stories Matter  A gorgeously illustrated post (come check out the artist!) about why letting other people tell their own stories is so important to being a writer.

Despite a saner updating schedule (or perhaps because of it) we gained another four thousand page views over last month, up to about 44,000.  It's starting to look like Blog's goal to hit a million page views by 2015 might actually be possible.

I'm still fiddling with the knobs here–especially after my recent forced introspection due to a question about my process–so I'm not sure exactly what to preview for October, but you should definitely write in on our October poll for best Y.A. series and vote while there's still time on best Y.A. book.

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