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Monday, April 11, 2016

Tumors and Teammates

Image description: Intravenous bag labeled with:
"Chemotherapy Must Be Handled With Gloves Once
Outside Bag is Removed"
Chemo round five today.

I'm watching The Contrarian while she does that and also keeping the home fires burning while the plumber replaces our water main from the PVC band aid we had jury rigged last week.

Keep Sonic Gal in your thoughts if you've got a few to spare. She could use them. The chemo days themselves are mostly really long and boring, and maybe a little nauseating and tiring. Imagine sitting in a reclining chair for nine or ten hours while you are getting headaches, nausea, and fatigue. It's the days following that get phsyically bad as the chemo does its work of killing fast growing tumor cells just a little bit faster than it kills their human host.

This week (and three weeks from this week) are likely to be the really bad for the blog. The chemo rounds get worse each time. (The first one was just a couple of days of bleh. By the third round it took almost two weeks to get back to feeling vaguely normal.) I will keep doing everything I can to keep jazz hands going and get at least one article of substance up each week, but if I'm going to fail in this whole blogging-through-a-loved-one's-cancer process, it'll be this week or three weeks from now.

I have no idea what to expect from the radiation after that. That runs into summer school.

But wait...there's more. I told you a second round of crap was coming.

Well....the league of sidekicks has had a critical shortage in national funding. Pretty soon all sidekicks  throughout the U.S. will no longer be welcome to room and board in superhero halls--which are "resource rich to facilitate the particular needs of superheroes, and are over-utilized on sidekicks."

My days at the Hall of Rectitude are coming to an end.

I'll still be watching The Contrarian (at least a few hours a week, hopefully more if I can arrange it) and Sonic Gal says there's no reason we can't do a patrol once in a while, but I might have to get a sensible car and drive into Oakland from Antioch.

So in addition to everything else going on, I'm trying to line up some kind of working gig and a place to stay come August.


  1. Aw, Chris. I just. . .dang. [Sends you and Sonic Gal fifty thoughts.]

  2. I just found you....I am keeping you and Sonic Gal in prayer. Lost my Mum to the evil C 2 years ago.....sadly all too familiar with what it's costing you.